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Since its origins in 1981, the Group of 78 has promoted dialogue about a progressive Canadian foreign policy, based on the principles of sustainable PEACE through common security, JUSTICE in prosperity, equity, inclusion with diversity, and SURVIVAL of our planet in the face of modern human activity. This podcast is the recording of our speaking events. For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]

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Latest Episodes…

  1. E1. 2018 Annual Policy Conference: MEETING THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE Accelerating the Transition to a Post-Carbon World

    Part one of many in a mini-series of the Group of 78's, 2018 annual policy conference, "MEETING THE CLIMATE CHALLENGE: Accelerating the Transition to a Post-Carbon World." This episode is a recording of the opening remarks by Roy Culpeper and Indigenous Acknowledgement by Verna McGregor. ...


  2. April 2018 Luncheon

    In the wake of the Panama and Paradise Papers scandals, revealing global tax evasion on a massive scale, and increasing evidence of tax avoidance by the world's largest corporations, Dennis Howlett will talk about whether such practices can be stopped, and how. Dennis Howlett **Dennis Howlett** is currently the Executive Director ...


  3. G78 Podcast - Iran the US and the Regional Crisis

    Ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian talks about the complexities of the bilateral relationship between Iran and the US, and will shed light on regional issues from different views, pointing the way forward necessary to foster sustainable peace and security. For more informaiton please visit. [](http:// Music by: [Christian Whelan]( ...